Asexuality is a word used to describe people who are not sexually attracted to others. describes it as: โ€œUnlike celibacy, which is a choice, asexuality is a sexual orientation Asexual people have the same emotional needs as everybody else and are just as capable of forming intimate relationships.โ€

Asexuals often experience discrimination from both the straight and queer communities.

Frequently asked questions

Why might you find Asexual people at BiCon?

As with the rest of the population, romantic orientation/attraction varies amongst asexual people, and some identify as bisexual (or possibly more likely BiRomantic). Some asexual people may be attending BiCon to support a partner or friend. Other asexual people attend BiCon as it has a reputation of being welcoming is a space they can feel comfortable in.

What causes people to be asexual?

There are a number of theories regarding what makes people asexual, and despite scientific research, as with looking for causes of Bisexuality there's no concrete evidence so far.

Commonly used words

Grey-asexuals, Grey-sexuals-people who fall between asexual and sexual.

Demisexuality or Semisexuality- People who generally donโ€™t feel sexual attraction towards others until they are very closely emotionally bonded with them.

Aromantics-People who do not feel romantic attraction towards others. Individuals are not necessarily asexual.

Biromantics- are people who feel romantic attraction to more than one gender but do not necessarily feel sexual attraction to anyone.

Bisensual-are people who feel sensually attracted to more than one gender so whilst not experiencing sexual feelings may enjoy close physical contact such as hugs.

Where to find out more about asexuality at BiCon

At BiCon The Asexual Spectrum is a commonly run session talking about asexuality for people new to the idea or wanting to know more, we'd love to get a volunteer to run this.