Arriving at BiCon

When you arrive at Bicon – please head to the desk to 'check in' with us. This will be situated in the Student Union area. We will sign you in, then you will proceed to the accommodation to get your keys.

Our Desk times will be:
Thursday 3pm to 9pm
Friday 8.30am to 9pm
Saturday 9am to 5.30pm
Sunday 9 – 11am.

Please note that Sunday will be a 'skeleton' staff only on the desk for info.
If you need help booking a taxi for Sunday, please ensure this is done on the Saturday before 3pm.

Registration accessibility:

We will have a priority registration system in place, there will be clearly marked chairs near to the registration desk, if you are unable to queue at busy times please sit on these chairs (or stop in front if in a wheel chair) and the desk team will ensure you are registered promptly. You do not need to let us know in advance just turn up and sit in the Priority Registration Area.

If you want to register when there arenโ€™t massive queues the quietest times are:

Immediately after registration opens on Thurs
Before 5pm on Friday
After 12noon on Saturday

There will be volunteers on hand who will be able to help if you canโ€™t manage getting everything to your room or need help finding your way. Please ask for help if you need it, we will try to be aware but will not be able to mind read!

You can check into your room before registering for BiCon or afterwards it's up to you, this is how:
1. Go to Reception at Liberty Halls – your name and room/flat number will already be provided – YOU MUST GET THEM RIGHT TO GET YOUR KEY. Please ensure you take a copy of our room allocation email with you.
2. If you get them wrong – come to Bicon reception and we will help you.
3. Check in time is from 2pm Thursday.
4. Check out FINAL deadline is 1pm Sunday