The venue we are using this year includes towels and bed linen in the prices.

Flats are in mixed numbers – 5, 6, or 7 usually. (The shopping trolley pictured is not included!)

The kitchen and the 2 leather couches are the actual 'kitchens/common rooms' for the flats. The shared accommodation area in the bottom gallery of this page will be shared with others in the accommodation, not just BiCon attendees.

All beds are three-quarter/'queen' sized, and the rooms are all ensuite. Most rooms have a small step up to the shower, as pictured. If this is an issue we have a very limited number of rooms without this, or where ramps are able to be fitted – discuss this ASAP when you book.

The kitchens come stocked with the following items per person:

  • 1x plate
  • 1x side plate
  • 1x bowl
  • 1x cup
  • 1x glass
  • 1x knife
  • 1x fork
  • 1x spoon
  • 1x teaspoon

โ€ฆand the following items per flat:

  • 1x frying pan
  • 2x pans
  • 1x tray
  • 1x chopping board
  • 1x sharp knife
  • 1x can opener
  • 1x peeler
  • 1x set of utensils (5 pieces)
  • 1x teatowel
  • 1x kettle

Here are some photos of the shared accommodation space which will be used by others as well as BiCon attendees, in addition to private common room within flats: