You're welcome to bring children to BiCon. Here are some of the things we do/can do – or can arrange to support parents:

    1. The creche will run 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm Fri and Sat only. Your child must be taken away for the lunch hour as the staff will need their lunch too. Please pre-book the creche – email if you have not done so already. 
    2. Sun AM there is a parent share space in that creche room and parents are able to organise their own parent/child space as wished (all sessions end by midday).
    3. Children are welcome in most sessions – the session description in the handbook will have information and content notes for each one. 
    4. We are happy for people to bring children to the ents on the nights – but certain parts of the evening entertainment may have very loud music and the cabaret is not appropriate for children as there will be swearing, references to sexual content and adult themes and possibly slightly risqué outfits (cabaret and ball as well – but all within the code of content). There will always be alternative locations in the evening if you want to use these areas and we do want to support you as parents. If we have a lot of children who cause some sort of disruption we'll need to look at the policy again -but we're expecting the best!
    5. Transporting children – sling rather than buggy at evening events please – but if you need the buggy we think we can accommodate 1 or 2 in the SU so that you can bring the child there and then 'sling up'. At sessions you can bring buggies – they will need to go into the session room with you so that the corridor is kept free. 
    6. Breastfeeding is fine at anytime/anywhere. 
    7. Children must not be left unattended. They can either be with a creche or a suitable adult. Please do not ask Bicon team members to perform this role as they have many other priorities and cannot allocate adequate time to this task. 
    8. Children are allowed to be independent and attend sessions of their own accord at 16 years old.