We want you to be able to come to and enjoy BiCon regardless of disability, illness, family, income, gender, race or any other factor.

Here are some of the ways we try to make BiCon more inclusive. If we can do anything more, please tell us.

Financial access

For help covering your costs in coming to BiCon for any reason – including disability, childcare commitments, debt or anything else – you can apply to the Access Fund.

Physical access

Access was at the top of our list when choosing a venue. We'll have an Access Report covering accommodation, outside areas, daytime and entertainment spaces available as soon as we can.

Social access

BiCon attracts so many different people. We want everyone who takes part to be aware of difference and the impact of privilege, and feel as comfortable taking part as possible.

To support this, we have:

  • a code of conduct that all those at BiCon must agree to
  • guidance for those who run sessions and entertainments on including everyone and how to handle any incidents that might arise
  • a listening service during BiCon for anyone who feels they need to talk privately about anything.

For parents

You're welcome to bring children to BiCon. We'll have more information soon on the things we can do to support parents.