People of Colour

People Of Colour (sometimes seen shortened to POC online) is a positive term used to describe people who are not white.

Many queer people of colour experience a lot of discrimination from both predominantly white LGBT+ spaces and from within their communities.

As a result of this many grassroots groups, academic areas of study and activists have established themselves over the past few years with the aims of: supporting People of Colour in the LGBT+ community, educating people, improving legislation, raising the profile of important queer people of colour, promoting inclusion and understanding about the intersections of race, sexuality and gender and above all reducing discrimination.

Everyday feminism says “Awareness of intersectionality means recognizing that LGBTQIA+ people of color can be discriminated against not as people of color or as LGBTQIA+ people, but as both simultaneously.”

Being an LGBT white person who understands what it feels like to be discriminated against for your sexuality does not mean you automatically understand what it is like to be a person of colour who is also LGBT+

Frequently asked questions

Why might you find people of colour at BiCon?
As with the rest of the population, sexual orientation varies amongst people of colour, and some identify as bisexual. Some people may also be attending as allies & partners.

How can I be more inclusive of People of Colour?
Being aware of intersectionality is a good place to start . Understanding that the experience a white person has and how safe they feel in an LGBT+ space may be very different to that of a Person of Colour.

Commonly used words
Person of Colour
Women of Colour
Men of Colour

The following terms that were once commonly used to describe POC are now out-dated and seen to have negative connotations mostly because they have been used in derogatory/racist ways by white people in the past:

The following terms are widely used but may also be considered offensive:
Ethnic Minorities

Where to find out more about People of Colour at BiCon
At BiCon there may be sessions talking about issues for People of Colour, some of these sessions may be exclusively for POC.
If you are new to the idea or wanting to know more, see the programme guide for sessions appropriate for you.