Bisexuals of Colour: Why go to BiCon?

A guest blog by Jacq Applebee of Bisexuals of Colour, written for BiCon 2015.

Bisexuals of Colour at BiCon in 2014, with Jacq on the far left

Bisexuals of Colour at BiCon in 2014, with Jacq on the far left

BiCon is what you make it. This is especially true if you are a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic (BME) person. We face so much discrimination and bigotry in our lives for our skin colour, our religion or beliefs, our disabilities if we have them, our sex and sexual orientations. Going to BiCon can give a much-needed environment where we can feel at home. It is by no means a perfect place, but so much of what makes it great is the openness of the people there.

If you want to dress in a way you usually would not, BiCon is the place to do it. If you want to stay up all night dancing, or having fun at parties, BiCon is where you'll enjoy it. If you want to learn and share new skills, BiCon is where you can discover it.

Isolation is a problem for many bisexuals of colour. The solidarity I have felt from others who identify this way can leave me breathless with affection and sustain me for a whole year. When I return home, feeling alone in a lesbian and gay scene that actively erases people like me, I know that BiCon, and all the friends I've made there, is waiting for me to return.

Do yourself a favour. Go to BiCon.

A poem, written about BiCon 2015 which was held in Nottingham:

What's so good about BiCon?
As a BME person, you may ask that.
Well, this year Bi's of Colour
Will have their very own flat.
Exciting sessions by day
And dancing at night.
Hundreds of bisexuals in one place:
What an awesome sight!
You won't be alone if you're bi and black.
Asian or Middle Eastern? We'll have your back.
You can be your true self in this great space.
Explore your sexuality at an event that's safe.
This year's BiCon will be fully catered too,
So join us in Nottingham.
You'll be glad if you do!

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